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Femi Ojumu & Co. Barristers and Solicitors enables its clients to accomplish their strategic priorities, optimise returns on investments, and reduce significant risks, wherever business opportunities lead them in emerging and mature markets globally. It is against this backdrop that our law practice deploys its expertise across the diverse spectrum of commercial, corporate and private client commercial work.

The question is how? The answer is through a formidable, dynamic and an experienced multidisciplinary Team of lawyers who are reinforced by an excellent administrative support. Our combination of access to first-class legal resources, including an up-to-date working law library with books traversing the period 1807 to the present; modern technology; robust analytical capabilities; sound commercial and practical experience; strategic awareness, depth, and an iterative focus on quality, enables us to proficiently advise on:-

Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers are qualified arbitrators and mediators and highly experienced in all aspects of Alternative Dispute Resolution including conciliation and mediation. We have advised diverse clients in complex disputes with large organisations obviating, where possible, the need for contentious court proceedings and achieved mutually beneficial outcomes for the contending parties.

Aviation and Transport Law

We understand the critical opportunities safe aviation affords the global economy not least in enhancing inter-continental, regional and domestic trade links, boosting tourism and enhancing national tax revenues; we also appreciate the counter-arguments to this proposition not least passenger safety and security threats to the industry post 9/11. We offer advice on aircraft acquisition, pre-purchase inspections, aviation insurance, airline financing and subrogation. In 2012, Femi Ojumu & Co. Barristers and Solicitors acted for a leading domestic airline in a contested aircraft investigation traversing the true interpretation of Federal and State law. We are retained counsel to a leading domestic commercial airline.


Against the backdrop of the banking crisis of 2007/2008 and the coordinated international response, through Basel III, to reinforce banks’ capital requirements, sharper national regulatory controls, zero-tolerance of money laundering spearheaded by the Financial Action Task Force, we offer advice on legal due diligence, regulatory compliance and strategic risk management. We also offer on-going advice on derivatives, project financing, public-private partnerships, commercial and private mortgage title perfections, real estate, special purpose vehicles and securitisation. We are solicitors to some of Nigeria’s leading financial houses.

Commercial and Corporate Law

The Companies and Allied Matters Act 2004 largely governs this function within our firm and it remains a core competence. We advise on arbitration, business formation and company law. These extend to incorporation, capital stock criteria, preparation and holding of shareholders’ meetings, directors’ fiduciary duties and obligations to shareholders, and directors’ liabilities to third parties. It includes commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, market regulation, partnerships and privatisation. We also advise on re-domiciliation, corporate governance evaluations, legal due diligence, regulatory compliance, and corporate strategic risk management.

Constitutional Law & Judicial Review Proceedings

We offer advice, mostly in litigation, on statutory construction, Human Rights breaches, challenging procedural irregularities by public agencies including, but not limited to, Election Petition Tribunals.

Digital Law & Forensics

We assist clients on digital and information law including offering advice under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, Passing Off torts and Intellectual Property breaches. We have retained IT forensic experts who are able to offer expert analysis and opinion in court or tribunals where the specific issue at hand justifies.


We offer immigration law advice to entrepreneurs, organisations, trade missions, students and individuals seeking to transact legitimate business in Nigeria. This extends to the law around naturalisation, residency permits, expatriate quotas and the full operation of the Immigration Act 1990. It extends to advice on statutes having the potential to engage relevant cross-cutting legislation especially sections 15; 30; 32; 34, inter alia, of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act 2010. We have good working relationships with the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Nigerian Immigration Service and others; the net result of this is that we deliver prompt immigration law advice to quality.


The central purpose of this function within Femi Ojumu & Co is to assess significant legal, reputational and strategic risks to our clients’ legitimate interests and proffer advice with a view to greatly minimising those risks. To that extent, we offer advice to insurers, re-insurers, credit reference agencies, financial institutions and individuals. This can extend to the drafting and construction of policy terms; drafting internal policy guidance; the fiduciary duties of directors; infractions of those fiduciary duties; real estate claims; et al.

International Asset Tracing (Civil Recovery)

We live in an age of extra-territorial legislation and the ever increasing tentacles of international prosecution agencies and increasing co-operation between international anti-graft entities. This is illustrated, in part, by the huge ramifications of the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Act (2004); United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 1977 (as amended in 1998); SOX 2002; the UK Bribery Act 2010. Put simply, money laundering is becoming much more difficult to launder around the world. We offer strategic insights and legal advice on these critical issues affecting virtually all countries albeit in varying degrees.

Intellectual Property

We provide clients with the legal advice pertaining to registration and protection of the quartet of intellectual property rights viz. copyright; trademarks; patents and design.

Legislative Drafting

We have direct practical experience of undertaking legislative drafting as well as providing policy advice to senior executives in the commercial sector and regulatory agencies.


In our direct experience, there is an inverse correlation between the performance of the domestic economy and the quantum of litigation cases upon which our advice is sought. Thus, the healthier the national economic performance, the lower the volume of litigation instructions we handle, and the greater the national economic underperformance, the higher the quantum of litigious matters we tackle. Irrespective of the complexity of the matter, our application to each cause is consistent, focused and tailored to the unique demands of every case on its particular merits. It is, therefore, a core competence within Femi Ojumu & Co. Barristers and Solicitors. We have advised and represented parties in commercial and private law proceedings before Nigerian Courts and UK courts with positive outcomes. In tandem, we always explore the potential for deploying alternative dispute resolution (ADR) on the unique facts of each case.

Maritime Law

We are members of international and domestic maritime fora and offer clients our expertise on arbitral proceedings; arrests of ocean-going vessels, conflict of laws; protection and indemnity cover; civil liability claims for torts including negligence; shipbuilding contracts and related admiralty issues. Admiralty/maritime law are significant sources of our law firm’s competitive advantage.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Femi Ojumu & Co Barristers and Solicitors expertise in this market segment extends to corporate acquisitions, management and leveraged buy-outs, share purchase agreements, legal due diligence, regulatory compliance, pre-notification and pre-approval processes as enunciated in the Investment and Securities Act 2007, reconfiguration of corporates structures, cross-border M&As, joint ventures and capital markets law


We offer and facilitate notarial services as authorised by the Chief Justice of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to administer oaths.

Oil and Gas Law

We offer clients advice and policy insights on Nigeria’s energy needs including, but not limited to renewable technologies; the commercialisation of oil and gas discoveries, oil mining leases and oil prospecting leases, the provisions of the key Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act 2010, the Petroleum Act, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004, Crude Oil (Transportation and Shipment) Regulations et al.

Private Law (Asset Management)

We offer clients significant private law expertise traversing assents; contractual documentation; powers of attorney; child access; family trusts; the creation and execution of trust instruments; drafting wills; intestacy; and probate matters.

Project Finance(Private Finance Initiative/Public Private Partnerships)

This is a core competence for us as we combine academic and practical knowledge of the subject. We have advised on multi-billion naira M& A transactions and our senior partner has advised the European Investment Bank (EIB) on UK Sterling £100MILLION North West England Urban Investment Holding Fund (project finance) to boost regional economic growth.

Real Estate

We painstakingly advise on commercial and residential land transactions. This includes, but is not limited to: abstraction; financing; buying; selling; leasing; verification of title to land prior to and post the 1978 Land Use Act; due diligence on regulatory and governmental consents. We also draft all contractual documentation related to land, illustratively, leasehold agreements; mortgage documentation; re-financing instruments; deeds of transfer et al. The firm’s experience in this subject includes litigation and alternative dispute resolution.


Our tax advisory and litigation services entails highly effective and targeted offerings to clients on Corporation Tax, Income Tax, Petroleum Profits Tax, Stamp Duties, Tax efficient debt financing and Value Added Tax. We have successfully facilitated the resolution of complex tax enquiries for our clients.

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